5 exciting features of Instagram that everyone needs to know


As we are living in a world of technology, so the use of social media is increasing day by day. In this world, all are using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The entire user likes to use Instagram due to its authentic features. There are several aspects which make the user attractive, whether it might be filters or editing. You need to be staying safe from those people who use Instagram password cracker tool for hacking your account. As we are talking about Instagram, so let’s discuss its features. It performs several features that a person needs to know.


•         If the user wants, then they can make al list of close friends. So they can with the help of close friend option. Through this, the story which you are going to post that seen by the close friend list.

•         You can post several kinds of pictures with favorite filter. That means you have the option to make some editing in the image. Here one posts the video which is full of entertainment, but it should be of 1 minute only.

•         Most people may not know its new feature that is IGTV. It is one of the best features where a person can share long videos.

•         Share the best moment of life with a friend through the story posting. The story is also the best option that can automatically delete after 24 hours.

•         If you want to share something live, then you can with the help of live option. Here one easily invites your friends for going live.

Thus, these are some features of Instagram that one can easily make the optimum utilization of these aspects.

3 Things Everyone Must Know Before Start in Instagram

One of the top leading social platforms is Instagram, and millions of online users are active on it. We can use the android mobile app of Instagram, and we can download it by the android store. The app is best in use, and we can go with the latest versions. It is all about social life and in which we can connect with online friends and follow some new profile for more enjoyment. The users can capture the lots of pictures, and if you are looking for new profiles to View private Instagram content, then you can go with security tools. Learning about all things is best for a perfect start in it, and here we are showing all the core things about it.

Post interesting photos

For getting more attention on Instagram, we need to post some fantastic pictures. Anyone can edit photos in it, and we should write the creative captions for it. Your posts are saving in the media gallery, and the users can make the account more private with some settings.

Go with filter effects

Numbers of filters are added in every update of Instagram. Such are the best way to express your photo looks.  In which you can set any effect to make the photo more beautiful. We can also unlock some locked effects by purchasing them.

Watch wonderful content

In the platform, you can prevent some illegal content, and for that, you can go with different tabs. The website is secure for all the users, and you can share anything you want. It is open worldwide, and the users will get various tools for updating.