5 exciting features of Instagram that everyone needs to know


As we are living in a world of technology, so the use of social media is increasing day by day. In this world, all are using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The entire user likes to use Instagram due to its authentic features. There are several aspects which make the user attractive, whether it might be filters or editing. You need to be staying safe from those people who use Instagram password cracker tool for hacking your account. As we are talking about Instagram, so let’s discuss its features. It performs several features that a person needs to know.


•         If the user wants, then they can make al list of close friends. So they can with the help of close friend option. Through this, the story which you are going to post that seen by the close friend list.

•         You can post several kinds of pictures with favorite filter. That means you have the option to make some editing in the image. Here one posts the video which is full of entertainment, but it should be of 1 minute only.

•         Most people may not know its new feature that is IGTV. It is one of the best features where a person can share long videos.

•         Share the best moment of life with a friend through the story posting. The story is also the best option that can automatically delete after 24 hours.

•         If you want to share something live, then you can with the help of live option. Here one easily invites your friends for going live.

Thus, these are some features of Instagram that one can easily make the optimum utilization of these aspects.